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Back to the Basics

January 20, 2020

Remember when you used to do something just because you wanted to? You may not have had everything you needed to get started, but you did it anyway because the simple thought of doing + trying something new instantly brought you joy? Let’s get back to that.

I can only speak for myself, but as of late I have been feeling the pressure to do it perfectly the first time around instead of just “doing” to get started. That thought process held me back from doing a lot of things last year, and even some this year like, video tutorials, and showing my ootd (b/c of my $20 mirror, still working on that haha) showing more of my cooking on Instagram +, etc… I mean guys its such a silly thought process but it happens and I truly think it happens to all of us and that’s okay, as long as we can take the steps toward removing ourselves from that space (easier said than done, TRUST)

I’ll probably be the millionth person to say this, but we are in an era where everything looks like it’s done perfectly ALL the time and the first time around. When that’s all you ever see, it’s hard not to feel like you shouldn’t be moving the same way when in reality, you just need to start moving.

Let’s be honest here, when you are viewing content that someone has taken the time to make you’re only viewing it for one sole purpose.. to see if you can do it too. So let’s take a step back and get back to the basics, I’m sure you’ll thank yourself later.

xx VA


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