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Gift Guide: The person that has everything

November 22, 2022

I can’t believe the holidays are here! One of my favorite parts of this season is giving thoughtful and unique gifts to family/friends and seeing their reactions as they open them. It can be so hard to get a special gift for some people — especially the person who already has everything. I think the best approach to shopping for someone like this is finding a better version of an item they already have or getting them one of something you can never have enough of. Today’s gift roundup includes a mixture of both of these so hopefully, you can wow your girlfriend/sister/mom/etc.

Candle warmer: Perfect for a mom with little kiddos running around who doesn’t want the fear of a burning flame. This device allows for scent distribution throughout a space without lighting the candle. It makes your candle last much longer while still delivering the same scent. This one is also really cute, so it will add to your home decor! They range in price but generally are affordable gifts because most are under $75.

Camp craft cocktail jar: This is a super affordable and unique gift idea for drinkers and non-drinkers (it can be made zero-proof). This isn’t your average at-home cocktail-making kit — it’s cuter, more artisanal, and the process is unique. Add liquor to the jar, let infuse in the fridge for three days, strain, and voila! They have so many unique flavors to fit anyone’s cocktail preferences.

Beast blender: This brand is reinventing the common blender with a high-quality, sleek design that effectively blends your smoothies, soups, and more. The perfect example of getting a better version of something she already has. 

Urban Stems dried bouquets: Flower arrangements can be beautiful but only last so long. A more practical version of the same concept is gifting her a gorgeous dried flower bouquet so she can enjoy your gift forever! These bouquets from Urban Stems look so artisanal and whimsical, and I love that they include a beautiful vase with the arrangement so that she won’t have to worry about what to put the flowers in. 

Quartz cheese knives: The girl who has it all might already have cheese knives, but does she have ones that are this pretty?! These Etsy ones are gorgeous to the point where they’d add so much to her kitchen decor when displayed.

Seeing Stars horoscope book: One thing for sure — no one can EVER have enough coffee table/decorative books. These are super affordable, and she’ll want to read it because it contains tons of interesting, in-depth info on her astrology sign. The cover and the illustrations are beautiful, so it will also add to her decor.

Vivrelle membership: This is an amazing service that allows you to rent designer bags for a low cost! Gifting her a month or 2 for free to try it out would be such a unique gift if she’s a lover of luxury items. 


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