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Instagram Questions Answered

December 6, 2019

Thank you all so much for the amount of love you showed me on my previous post! As promised I am following up with the instagram questions answered below! Cheers xx

Q: During a shoot is it hard to focus with all the people & cameras around you?

A: In the beginning it was way harder to focus. Since I started modeling with NO experience what so ever, I had to learn that all the people + cameras were here for me and whoever the other models were and that I needed to give them what they are looking for, someone to sell their product and sell it well.

Q: How many times have you been told you’re “too_______” short, fat, etc & how do you deal with it.

A: I have been told I am too short more times than I can count. I recently got booked for a gig even got as far as signing the contract and when they asked for my measurements including my height I knew it was over. Just like that my job was gone because I wasn’t 5’8. I still get upset because honestly the whole reasoning is pretty silly if you ask me. I always make time to talk about it out loud, even when I don’t want to. That seems to help me get over pretty well. After that I usually do a little more out reach and someone who actually appreciates me for who I am will come along and book me. A reminder that the job I thought I wanted wasn’t meant for me anyway.

Q: How many time do people want you to work for free?

A: Now slim to none, but people still try and talk me down on my rate like they don’t see my face when they walk into Target (not so humble brag) When people approach me with that question I usually respond in a way that makes them think twice about what they ask. Ask them how they would feel if someone asked them to work for free and see how it makes them feel.

Q: How to start?

A: JUST START. Don’t worry about what people have to say. Just start. Be smart with your choices and don’t try and rush anything. Also note that you are not going to love every photo taken of you.

Q: Do you have an agent?

A: No I do not.

Q: Do you attend castings?

A: No, I do not. Unless it’s a casting for a modeling agency, you have to be signed as a modeling to attend a casting for larger fashion brands, mainly runway.

Q: How did you figure out how to price yourself?

A: RESEARCH and lots of it. You are going to price yourself to low in the beginning. It just happens. You also won’t have the experience in the beginning to back up your prices. I was fortunate to be woking closely to the filed I wanted to be in so I was able to see early on how established models were priced via their agents. There is also a standard market value range for modeling so that made the process easier as well.

Q: On the influencer side how different is it from modeling?

A: Being an influencer is WAY different than being a model. I prefer modeling of course but I am happy to be in the influencer world. It allows another way to build contacts and potential jobs down the line. If the connection is their once an influencer job is done I remind the client that I am also a freelance model and would love to work with them on that level. I think by doing that, I was able to land my Target campaign with Lilly Pulitzer because I started with them as an influencer.

Q: I was just approached by an agency. I’ve ben doing research but any advice?

A: Do all the research you can on that agency and make sure it reputable. There are a lot of agencies out there that will ruin your career before it even gets started because they don’t have a good reputation. Stay on you agent and make sure they are pitching you to get you work. Like any other industry, the agents will have favorites and sometimes pitch those girls more than they do others. Luckily these new agencies seem to stray away from the old standards and are trying to create a new wave.

Q: What has been your experience with makeup artist + hair stylist as a natural haired woman?

A: I’m sorry but this question will have to be its own blog post because GIRL. I’ll get right on it.

Q:What local agency do you suggest for men?

A: Directions USA

Q: How do you book paid jobs consistently with no representation?

A: OUT REACH OUT REACH OUT REACH. Cold email these people. Let them know you exist because they won’t just come to you, at least not in the beginning. I’ll probably do a blog post on proper edict for this so stay tuned for that as well!


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