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Kitchen Gadgets For Slicing & Dicing

November 8, 2022

I love spending a slow evening in the kitchen cooking a gourmet meal but with my crazy schedule, that isn’t usually possible! One of the most time intensive parts of cooking is chopping produce, which can make even the easiest recipes take forever to make. Chopping and prepping can be so tedious and I think that combined with the time commitment is why cooking feels intimidating to a lot of people! So, I’ve rounded up some tools that have been major time savers in the kitchen because they make slicing and dicing SO quick and easy (and safer!).

#1 Strawberry slicer

#2 Herb cutting scissors

#3 Onion chopper

#4 Avocado slicer

#5 Veggie chopper kit with many different attachment

#6 Mandolin (every chef has one of these in their kitchen! It’s used for slicing veggies thinly. Think cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, radishes, etc.)

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