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Monday Motivation Issue No.1 | Weekly Challenges + Goals

April 27, 2020

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been challenging myself to do something different each week, as it gives me something to look forward too. During these unpredictable times, I figured why not try to create some sort of normalcy for my day. It honestly took me a moment to get here. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed like the majority not knowing what to do with my time, or feeling bad for not using my time “wisely.” Not sure how one does that during a pandemic, but Im sure someone has an “answer” to that.

These challenges have allowed me to get a firm grip on things that I want to continue to implement once the world is back to normal. Most of my challenges have been work-related like, growing my social following, writing more blog posts, creating more original content, and so on. My other goal has been to take a walk every day or to get outside, even if it’s just sitting on my porch.

This week’s goal is for me to shoot my content. It will be more of a challenge if I’m honest haha! I rely heavily on photographers when it comes to creating content, which I realized was holding me back from creating when I wanted, so this week, we are changing that. I will be shooting with a Fujifilm xt100 + editing in lightroom + VSCO, for those of you wondering 🙂 I’m curious to know what your goals or challenges are for this week or just overall. I would love if you leave your answers in the comments.

The biggest thing for us to remember during these challenges is that we need to allow ourselves grace because learning something new isn’t supposed to be easy.



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