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My Natural Hair Journey

December 9, 2022

Earlier last week I shared a video about how Natural haired girls should be allowed to have the same soft moments in the salon as everyone else & so many of you resonated with that and it blew me AWAY. I have really taken the time over the last 6 months to try new things with my hair like tape ins, natural u-part wigs and so much more. 

I’ve always wanted to try these things but I felt like the only way I would be able to dive into that side of the hair world would be by straightening my hair and I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to lose the integrity of the brand that I built ya know? So I started digging and doing research and discovered natural, clip ins, wigs, tape ins + more. I’m sure I’m late to the party but these options are talked about in a mainstream way so I didn’t know that they existed.  

I have so many things I can’t wait to share my honest review on. First up, TAPE INs!

The image above is a day after getting my tape ins installed.
Click here to watch the first step into sharing my natural hair journey!


Okay, get your notepads out because if you are thinking about getting tape in’s I have- a few tips + tricks for you. First, If you are thinking about getting tape ins, GET THEM. This goes for the girls that wear their hair straight too. It is such a confidence booster whether or not you want more volume or more length or both! I’ve had mine in for about two weeks and I am in love. You can typically go 4-6 weeks before your next touch up with tape ins. Which is a dream for someone with a busier schedule.


1. While wearing tape in’s you can wash your hair at home like you normally would but when it comes to drying them, do not put the blow dryer close to the tape in because it will cause the tape in adhesive to melt. I was silly and didn’t think about this and lost 4 tape-ins.

2. For easier styling try and get your tape ins cut to the length of your hair so it blends better. I like having different layers to my hair but if you don’t, I’d recommend doing the above.

3. You can use all of the same products that you were using before.


5. Your hair will have a longer hold time than before so make sure you are wrapping it at night to protect your twist out, braid out or flexi rod set.

That’s all I have with two weeks of wearing them but I’m sure I’ll have more updates that I will share soon!

XO, Venita


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