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Style Q&A: Venita Aspen | An Interview with Charleston Magazine

November 8, 2018
Venita Aspen

Hey guys!

I did an interview with Charleston Magazine and its finally out! You can read it here. The questions below didn’t make the final cut, but I wanted to share them with you so you could get a better understanding of me as an individual. My favorite question was the last one…. cheers

More specifically, what are you working on right now? Any big projects on the horizon you’d like to share?

I have a few big projects coming up one of them being my collaboration with Brandless. Brandless is an online grocery store that sells organic + non gmo items for only $3. They take the middle man out of things in order to make groceries affordable again. They offer a slew of other things like napkins, cookware + toiletries all for only $3.

I’m also currently working on a collection of sorts but I can’t say to much about it just yet but keep your eyes peeled.

You work with so many different brands and designers—how do you stay organized and make it all happen?

Taking everything one day at a time is how I make it all happen.. no need to rush what is already yours.. take the time to perfect it it to the best of your abilities. Listening to your body when it speaks is another way I make it happen. If my body tells me it’s tired at 2pm I take a short nap because I won’t be able to focus on anything if Im mentally or physically tired! Time management is a way that I stay organized..

Do you have any organizational tools you love—whether it’s an app or a specific notebook or just a way of organizing your day?

No app believe it or not. Im pretty old school when it comes to organization. I tend to only use Appointed Co notebooks + agendas and I also keep all my papers in Shop Bando folders. You can pick up all of these things at Mac and Murphy on Cannon.

What’s one thing you’ve done or practice you’ve followed that you think has contributed to your success as an entrepreneur?

Enjoying the sound of my feet walking away from an opportunity that wasn’t meant for me in that moment. It’s easy to feel like we have to grab and do everything that comes our way but that’s how you get burned out.

Other things to note are, not over explaining something.. if an individual or a brand clearly isn’t understanding where you are coming from let it go, you’ll stress yourself out trying to over exert yourself to someone who clearly doesn’t care.

Don’t say yes just to relieve the stress of someone else. We’ve all been there.. you get asked to do something and you may be that persons last hope but you can’t forget to think about yourself and your sanity in situations like this because these things are usually last minute and your schedule may already be full.

What’s your favorite fall/winter collection? Any specific pieces you’re coveting?

Pyer Moss.. he’s just a favorite in general. He uses is voice in the fashion community to create collections based on + talk about heritage and activism in the black community. He has a few things that I am dying to get my hands on. A beautiful curtain wrapped silk dress + all of his wide leg trousers + a baby blue Asymmetrical Linen Napkin Skirt.. Oh, and I can’t leave out his tee that says “stop calling 991 on the culture.

Do you have a go-to bag or accessory that you wear daily?

Again my work methods are old school to some… no fancy totes or designer bags here. I carry a backpack by State Bags. They donate a backpack full of supplies to a child in need when you purchase a bag from them.. no, me saying this isn’t sponsored or anything in this interview for that matter.. I just really appreciate shopping with brands who are trying to make a positive impact on communities who may have less than.

Accessory obsession of the moment?

Kindness.. I guess you can’t really but this at the store but it’s something that I wish could be added to that timeless staple list…

We all want to look as fit and healthy as you! Are there any products that help you get there—whether it’s a food item or the best workout leggings ever?

I have a few options actually but lets start with what you are wearing. Athleta is my all time favorite brand right now. They are all about the power of she and empowering women so why wouldn’t you want to be apart of that? To my knowledge they are one of the only brands dedicate to making workout clothes just for women not women and men so they can really tailor to our needs.

Have any other fashion favorites? Do share—our readers love recommendations!

I kinda have more of fashion tips… always shop sale, invest in your staples like nude heels for women of a good white sneaker for men things that just never go out of style. Follow the beat to your own drum.. just because its out there doesn’t mean you have to do it.. that goes for everything in life honestly..

Your skin is luminous—what’s your secret?

DRINKING WATER AND MINDING MY BUSINESS…I promise you it works.. but if you are looking for something to purchase I use the following:

  • Gentle Skin Cleanser from Germain Dermatology (I mean everything is good here)
  • Clinique Take the Day Off Oil (makeup remover)
  • Super Glow Serum by Glossier
  • Super Bounce Serum by Glossier
  • Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer

Recently you posted on Instagram: “Don’t forget to take the time to do one thing for yourself everyday.” What might that one thing be for you?

Anything that gives my mental a break may it be a run, grabbing wine at my favorite spot Graft or getting my nails done the list goes on. As long as it doesn’t require me to do to much heavy thinking I’m game.

Any items on your holiday wish list yet?

I wish for more open mindedness and less closed off thoughts. Just imagine how much further we’d be if we took the time to listen to someone else’s thoughts instead of shutting them down the moment it may go against our own ..

Santa Baby? I hope you’re listening.

xx VA


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